A photo of the sky at night in Northern Canada A photo of an aboriginal girl named Lili A photo of a scratched wall A photo of two aboriginal boys A photo of a run down house

The Filmmaker

Gemini-nominee, Andrée Cazabon, recently completed her fifth film, Third World Canada on the plight of Aboriginal children in remote reserves.

Her films, in French and English, were seen by over 1 million viewers on CBC- Newsworld, TVA, Canal D, Radio-Canada and CBC Television and have been screened at film festivals in Vancouver, Montreal, Sudbury, Chicoutimi and at the Yorktown Film festival where her documentary, Wards of the Crown received ‘Best social-political documentary’ at the 2006 Golden Sheaf Awards and Family on the Edge received ‘Best short documentary’ in 2010.

Cazabon’s message of hope, featured in her first film, the autobiographical, Letters to a Street Child based on her experiences on the streets at age 13 still touches the lives of youth and professional. Cazabon continues to make films and advocate for youth and families at risk in her films and community projects. She considers 3rd World Canada, her most important work and plans to put her filmmaking on hold to carry the message of reconciliation with First Nations people to audiences across the country.

Andrée Cazabon is a fourth generation Franco-Ontarian and lives in Ottawa with her ten year old daughter. She founded her own film production company, Productions Cazabon inc. in 2008.


Letters to a Street Child - Lettres à une enfant de rue - 2000
Enfer et contre tous! No Quick Fix - 2000
Wards of the Crown - Les enfants de la couronne - 2006
Family on the Edge - 2010
3rd World Canada - 2010